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This terms and conditions are applicable to your access and usage to this website, where you can have an overview of every travel materials, their substantial, manufacturing and administrative viewpoints. A humble request goes on to read this terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully,because once you admit on your part, any violation or causality will make you responsible upon this legal agreement between yourself and Travelocase.

You agree to the fact that any dispute or hindrance regarding this travel site and terms of uses will be only resolved in company headquarters nevertheless your business place or residence or any other place.

Travelocase may revise and reform the travel site at any point of time which includes:

  1. Disposition or closure of any subject matter.
  2. Highlight of the website.
  3. Expenses and expenditures for the usage of the website.
  4. The terms and conditions of use as in whole.

Your former proceedings on the usage of this travel website will be decided upon the terms of use of your seasonal usage.

Framework Error:

If a sudden occurrence of any framework massacre or disruption comes in sight regarding the evaluation of air, lodging, auto rental, booking forms from the Travelocase website, it’s entitled to restrain the booking at an incorrect cost. If a framework blunder is discriminated it comes under the duty of Travelocase to inform you the right price. Although in the meanwhile Travelocase won’t indulge you on buying the wrong reservation through a probable rectified cost.

Outsider Service Providers:

Few certain administrations, substances and materials attainable by the travel website Travelocase are provided by the outsiders (namely ‘The Administration Providers’) with the inclusion and without restriction of the freedom of the air transporters, visit administrators, lodgings, protection bearers, journey lines, auto rental organizations different providers to give travel links and various administrations on the website. Any information, distinct product or item established on the website comes under the copyright issue of the service providers as well as their onshore suppliers and wholesalers.


As an outcome of your utilization of our travel administration and travel website no mutual stroll, home, work, office, organization, trustee relationship exists between you and Travelocase. In our solemn approach as a travel operator and supplier of the travel website, Travelocase remains as an independent entity. Travelocase assist you to explore travel providers and create game plans to fulfil your individual necessities. Travelocase evaluates different figures after recognizing providers and assigning them particular agendas.

Utilization of the Travel Site:

You can only utilize Travelocase to retain authentic space and purchase but you can’t use it for any other whatsoever purposes like making any hypothetical, false or duplicate reservation or any type which includes expectation of monetary interest.

You should not have the access to usage of any ‘robot’, ‘bug’, program, programmed machinery, mapping, strategy, calculation possessing comparative methodology or usefulness or any manual procedures which leads to screening or duplication of any information, visual and component of the website pages.

No connection can be made with Travelocase site without any prior composed consent from it.

No usage of Travelocase can be made to abuse or infringe upon any law, control or system.

You can’t ‘reflect’, ‘outline’ or eventually join any portion of the travel website into other site without Travelocase’s prior composed approval.

Booking Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Tickets will be automatically issued and are non-refundable, if you do not receive an email with ticket number information, please contact us to get the ticket number(s) or call the airline to receive ticket number information, IN NO CASE WILL TICKETS BE REFUNDABLE, even if not utilized.

NOTE: If it is a third party credit card, you may receive a phone call and email from our customer service department asking to verify this transaction before the tickets can be issued. A Third party credit card is when the Traveller is not the Card Holder.

Voluntary Changes:

For assistance with changing your itinerary, you may contact us by calling toll free at 1 (800) 801-8354. Although most itineraries ticketed allow for changes, the majority of these itinerary changes require the issuance of a new ticket, as per airline policy. All changes are subject to availability, airline rules and regulations, penalties, the difference from the original airfare and our service fee. The airline has final authorization regarding itinerary changes and penalties.

Name Changes:

As a consequence of TSA traveller regulations, changing the passenger name on ticketed bookings have become more complex. Please ensure when making a reservation we receive your name as it appears on your valid government issued photo ID, be sure to included first names, last name and middle initial if applicable. Prior to ticketing, we may be able to change or alter a name on a reservation. However, depending on the airline a new reservation maybe required which could increase you airfare. After a ticket has been issued, changing the name can be one of the most difficult requests for us to get approval on. However, if the airline does gives us approval, changing a name after a ticket has been issued are subject to the Voluntary Change rules, noted above.

Involuntary Changes (Airline or Airport Schedule Changes):

Airlines sometimes make changes to a scheduled flight itinerary that is beyond our control; in these cases, if the airlines notify us we in turn, may notify you. If we are notified of these changes we will send you an e-mail to the address provided to us at the time of booking advising you of the changes as well as the options the airlines are offering. Additionally, we may attempt to contact you via the phone number that was provided at time of booking; however, if we are unable to reach you by telephone, the e-mail sent will act as the official and final notice. It is not always possible for the airline to notify us, or us to notify the travellers, prior to the scheduled departure time. Especially, if the change is made 24 hours or less of the scheduled departure time on the day of departure. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you reconfirm your flights and check-in early, as noted above in Flight Reconfirmation guidelines. If we are unable to reach you, the airline should be able to assist you upon check-in.

Valid Photo I.D.

A valid Government issued photo ID must be presented by all travellers in order to board domestic flights.

International Travel Documents & Visa

it’s important that you verify all travel documents such as Ticket, Passport, Visas, Transit Visas, Schengen Visas and other applicable Entry Permits. Make sure they are valid for the duration of your entire trip. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date. You are solely responsible for verifying all travel documents needed to enter, depart or change planes for all destinations and connecting cities listed on your itinerary prior to travel.

Student/Senior/Special Fares:

Travellers who have purchased discounted fares such as student, military, senior citizens, etc., are required to present a valid photo ID verifying you qualify for the discounted fare.

Fare Changes:

Prior to ticketing, all fares are subject to change, in these rare cases we reserve the right to notify you of any rule or fare change within three (3) business days. As a courtesy to our valued customers we will absorb the difference of the fare up to $15.00. In the event that the fare differential is higher than $15.00 you will have the option to not purchase this ticket and your credit card will not be charged.

Tickets: Once Issued All Tickets are considered non-refundable and nontransferable.

Once the request for booking is received, tickets will be issued as soon as possible. We will notify you via e-mail if there is any additional information required to issue the tickets. Should you not receive confirmation of your electronic or paper ticket number within 24 hours from receipt of booking request, please contact our Customer Service Department toll free Monday To Sunday (EST) 9.00 AM TO 7.00 PM at 1 (800) 801-8354. For reservations made within 24hrs of the scheduled departure time you must confirm your ticket numbers with our Customer Service Department immediately. If there is no change in fare then your ticket will be automatically issued, once issued it will be non-refundable and may be nonchangeable even with a fee. Once tickets are issued, they are non-transferable.


As most airlines have imposed baggage fees please check with the airlines directly about their current policies.

Seats: Note:

Please note some airlines charge to pre-assign seats. If you have made a seat assignment request we will do all possible to confirm that request, however we cannot guarantee confirmation as the airlines reserve the right to change aircraft configuration without notification. You can call our Customer Service Department toll free at 1 (800) 801-8354 or you can also e-mail your seat requests to

Unaccompanied Minors:

A child 5 to 17 years of age and traveling alone is considered an unaccompanied minor (Children under 5 cannot fly alone under any circumstances). Most airlines have mandatory rules regarding unaccompanied minors including, but not limited to, requiring an airline employee to travel with the minor, drop-off and pick-up identification and restrictions as to what flights the unaccompanied minor may or may not travel on. These rules must be verified prior to check-in and the airline will charge a fee for certain services. As these rules can change from airline to airline and can have many variables, it is recommended you contact the airline directly to make sure you're aware of all requirements in case any changes to the itinerary need to be made. The closer it gets to the time of departure, the higher the chances of an airline denying a change or refund request becomes. For additional information or assistance be sure to contact our Customer Service Department at 1 (800) 801-8354.

Special Request:

Please re-confirm all special requests such as miles, meals, special needs, wheelchairs with the respective airlines directly. Please be advised we are constantly negotiating with the airlines in effort to offer you, our valued customer the best price possible. As such some fares are not eligible programs such as Frequent Flyer Miles. Be sure to contact our Customer Service Department at 1 (800) 801-8354.


Please consult with the airline of your originating city upon check-in to ensure your checked luggage is checked through to your final destination. As some airlines do not have a ticket and baggage agreement, you may be required to collect your luggage and check in again at the airport where you are changing planes.

Please confirm that the names of travelers are correct & accurate.

Please also confirm that the dates and times of flight departures are accurate. Tickets are non-transferable and name changes on tickets are not permitted. Ticket cost for most airlines is non-refundable (see Fare Rules) and our service fees are non-refundable. All our service fees and taxes are included in the total ticket cost.

However, tickets may be refunded if requested within 24 hours from the time of purchase at no charge. Date and routing changes will be subject to airline penalties and our service fees. Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed.

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